Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm on my period and I feel bloated and nasty. It just hasn't been a great couple of weeks. Have you ever been completely shut off by your boyfriend/fiance/husband? I literally just was, and it was the first time... I feel so unsexy, unworthy, like I'm some fat cow and he'd rather just beat the meat himself than even come near me. Gah, I've been so needy and emotional lately. I need to snap out of this. 

I feel like I ate way too much today, and it was very unhealthy stuff. It started with, (after I skipped breakfast), lunch with my husband to Chili's. I ate some chips and got a side salad with lite ranch. I didn't really touch it, but I did let a few things pass my lips. Then I had a few handfuls of chex mix (1 cup is 160),  literally 1 bite of the broccoli chicken cheese casserole, plus a green tea with mint. But then, what makes me hate myself and seriously contemplate suicide is when I said yes to a brownie with walnuts and a cup of 2% milk. Disgusting. I am disgusted with myself. 

Then as I was just about to start my sprints on the treadmill my husband comes in with his phone on speaker and we have to go to a friends hows to get instructions on how to feed their dogs when we house sit for them on Saturday. I hate my life. Rawr. 

I'm going to bed. I can't wait to start a new day tomorrow! 

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